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Preserve Hunts

Self-Guided (Includes 5 pheasant) - $150

Guided (Includes 5 pheasant) - $175

Additional Birds:

     Ringneck Pheasants 50/50 Mix - Call for pricing

     All Roosters - Add $2 per bird

     Chuckar - call for pricing

     Add a Covey of Quail to any Hunt - $90


Wild Bird Hunts

Seasonal Grouse & Woodcock

$200 per gun for morning or afternoon hunt

$300 per gun for full day

Combo Package

$300 per gun

Includes morning preserve hunt with 5 pheasant per gun followed by wild bird hunt

European Tower Hunt

$265 per hunter

Pheasants 50/50 Mix

10 Pheasants per hunter

Lunch, clean-up hunt and bird cleaning included

Walk-up hunt following lunch


Bird Cleaning

$3.00 per bird

Things to Bring

  • Comfortable footwear and clothing appropriate to the weather

  • Shotgun shells

  • Valid small game license with Harvest Information Program (HIP) endorsement. The HIP endorsement is required for all migratory birds including woodcock. There is no extra charge for this endorsement, but you must request it at the time of purchase.

  • Shooting/Safety glasses

  • Blaze orange hat and shirt or vest

  • Pump and autoloader shotguns must be plugged to hold no more than 3 shells


  • Small game license is required for wild Grouse and Woodcock 

  • No small game license is required for Pheasant, Chuckar & Quail



  • Safety is our first priority here at Bourbon Creek. Upon arrival you will be required to read the safety guidelines and sign a waiver prior to your hunt.

  • No alcohol prior to hunt. We reserve the right to cancel hunt if we suspect intoxication

  • Never shoot across another shooter

  • Do not take your gun off safety until the game has flushed

  • Do not shoot at low flying birds or birds on the ground

  • Blaze orange hat and shirt or vest is required

  • Always maintain a "straight line" when hunting with others

  • Youth hunters must be 12 years old and bring verification that they have passed a hunter's safety course



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